A young girl sang in a temple’s choir

A young girl sang in a temple’s choir (A. Blok )

A young girl sang in a temple’s choir
Of people tired in foreign domains,
Of ships that sailed from native havens,
Of all those striving their joy to regain. 

.Her voice thus sang, and a sunbeam glittered
Shining bright on her shoulder’s white
And all from the darkness beheld and listened
Her candid gown sing in the light. 

It seemed to all that the joy was coming
The ships in calm waters would moor in peace
And tired men in distant countries
Would finally find their long-sought bliss. 

So sweet was her voice to the bright vault flying
Yet, high above, in the altar’s black
Privy to secrets, a child was crying
That none of them would ever come back.  

47x65 cm, acrylic, paper, 2020
Possible design - a baguette 3-5 cm. and mat 5-6 cm.
The image can be sent both in the original version and in a file. The painting is sent both without decoration (baguette, mat, etc.) and with decoration at the request of the customer.
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