Gia Kurdiani

Art project "Return to myself"

Gia Kurdiani

Gia Kurdiani was born in Svaneti, Georgia, in 1963. Since childhood, he painted and was a student of the famous Georgian artist Irakli Parjiani (1950-1991).

Graduated from the Tbilisi Academy of Arts - Faculty of Decorative Arts. While studying at the Academy, he participated in student exhibitions many times. Since 1987 - Member of the Union of Artists of Georgia.

The works of Gia Kurdiani are the result of thinking about life, about the experience of ups and downs, about love and creativity, about lessons, and understanding the relationship of all life events that a person lives. After a 30-year break, a successful businessman returned to his real calling - art. And since 2015, he has created a number of paintings and graphic works.

Influenced by the work of Irakli Pardzhiani, Gia Kurdiani devoted many works to religious and philosophical topics: confessions, biblical stories, spiritual quests, mystical experience of living. All these themes are interpreted in modern artistic language.

Paintings and graphic works are made in different styles - minimalism, modern impressionism, modernism, neo-expressionism. Bright colors and bold color combinations are reminiscent of Georgia, the transparency of the landscapes of mountainous Svaneti, the originality and harsh beauty of the Caucasus.

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